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Primetime Trainspotting

The years since Trainspotting have seen the primary cast flirting with both film and television roles. But has there ever been a time before now when you could see so many of them in one episodic week?

Jonny Lee Miller — First appeared on network television as the star of Eli Stone. He guested on Dexter before landing Sherlock Holmes in CBS’ Elementary (which just got a full season pick-up).

Kevin McKidd — On television, he first found success with HBO’s Rome. He led the cast of the short-lived Journeyman, before finding permanent residency (and the top gig of Chief) at Seattle Grace on Grey’s Anatomy as Owen Hunt.

Robert Carlyle — Also acting steadily, his previous television job was on SyFy’s Stargate Universe (SGU). He quickly followed that up with his role as Rumpelstiltskin on Once Upon a Time.

Kelly Macdonald — Kelly Macdonald breaks the mold of network television by appearing on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, along with numerous films this year alone.

Of course, had HBO picked up The Corrections, we would’ve also had Ewan McGregor on television for the first time (in a permanent role).

Ewen Bremner, you ask?

Ewen Bremner seems to be strictly a films man for now.


Red Riding and Robin

“Red-Handed,” the cleverly crafted 15th episode of Once Upon a Time, was written by Jane Espenson and proves how the show could be so much more if only her fellow writers could heed her style and irony. I am the first to admit that on a good night I pay about 80% attention to OUAT, and most episodes I pay about 50-60%. This usually means that halfway through an episode I grow very concerned with what I missed when I inevitably get distracted. However, the beginning of this episode had me hooked with the appearance of Red’s gentleman caller at her window. If she said his name at the outset, I missed it. But I took one look at this guy and the arrows slung across his back (or what appeared to be arrows) and I thought…oh! Maybe he is Robin Hood. And then my brain did a double take, Robin Hood AND Red Riding Hood? IT MAKES SENSE. And before I could rear my thoughts in, they were racing down speculation lane. I just knew some crazy twist or explanation for why their names are connected would come out: she wears the hood and incorporates it into her name to match her beloved, they become a tag team in Sherwood Forest because she runs away with him (after the wolf savages her grandmother) in order to help the poor by stealing from the Queen. I didn’t know how it would shake out but I was ready. Then…wait…this guy’s name is…Peter? Still, I thought it was in the realm of possibility: you know, maybe Robin Hood becomes his pseudonym…but as the episode dragged on, I started to lose hope and figured Peter was just the village cutie. Then, the whole Red-savagely-tore-him-to-pieces-cuz-she-is-the-wolf thing completely signaled the death knell for my theory. Jane was apparently working on a kick-ass twist to the traditional story of Red and was less focused on the connection between two names.

As long as the show piques my curiosity in this way, (and demonstrates its occasional flash of brilliance) I will continue to watch. And if “Peter” is an allusion to Peter and the Wolf, then OUAT’s version of the story ended on a much more grim note than the children’s story. And that story came from the USSR.

Holy “Lost” Easter Eggs!

It is like the universe knew I needed a sign to keep watching Once Upon A Time. As long as they include callbacks to Lost, I’m in.  And by in, I mean a casual viewer.

Ode to Anders

Celebrating nearly ten years with the actor most likely to play a sympathetic villain, who may or may not be using a British accent.

As Dr. Whale on Once Upon a Time

It did not take long for David to reveal his true colors Monday night, first as a lousy date, and then as an informant to the mayor.

"Uncle" John on The Vampire Diaries

When David Anders joined The Vampire Diaries in its first season, it definitely upped my respect for the show; it gets casting right. Also, poignant character growth FTW.

As Jonah Raitt on Warehouse 13

Does David Anders only act in shows I watch, or do I only watch shows with David Anders? At first it seemed he was playing the bad guy yet again…but surprise…Jonah was GOOD, just oblivious.

Adam Monroe on Heroes

His addition to the show helped me get through it after the first season, but Kristen Bell’s death cued my final departure from the show.

Sark on Alias

What an awesome character on an awesome show…and my introduction to David Anders. He was the highlight of any episode he was a part of. Also, loved whenever he teamed up with Sydney.

Bad Moon Rising

I actually associate this screenshot with the song playing in the background. Whenever I do an Alias rewatch, I anxiously await this scene in particular.

Also, so happy this website exists.