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Zero Dark Thirty’s Awesome Ensemble Cast

You’d think the ensemble cast for Argo could not be challenged, but that would be a mistake. At every location, meeting, and level of government, Zero Dark Thirty is populated by familiar faces. And interestingly, many (not all) of these actors are prominently known for their television roles.

Jessica Chastain: She’s amazing. And while she is starring in basically every film that comes out these days, some people (like me!) might remember her role as Veronica Mars’s disappeared pregnant neighbor in the season one episode “The Girl Next Door.”

Jason Clarke: I associated Jason Clarke with his starring role on the defunct show, The Chicago Code. I championed that show until the bitter end, so I hope Jason Clarke at least gets a big film career as a consolation prize. Bonus!: I remember where I saw him most recently: in Texas Killing Fields being hunted by…Jessica Chastain.

Kyle Chandler: He really wins this year because he is also in Argo. Of course, his prominent television role is Friday Night Lights (I know, I know, I need to watch) but I can’t help but constantly think of his stint on Grey’s Anatomy. Remember how that one time there was a bomb and Kyle Chandler needed to diffuse it?

Jennifer Ehle: I honestly can’t look at her without thinking about her role opposite Colin Firth in Pride and Prejudice.

Harold Perrineau: Lost. Oz. Sons of Anarchy. The Unusuals. (And Wedding Band? Sorry, Wedding Band fans — it’s a goner.)

Mark Strong: You might know him from every film ever, but his role in Kick-Ass sticks out to me.

Jessica Collins: One of those, “don’t I know her from something?” The answer must be I know her from Rubicon. Yet another show I watched to the bitter end. It really just served to prove that AMC can and will ax shows.

Fredric Lehne: You may know him from every television show ever: American Horror Story: Asylum, Lost, Supernatural, etc. Seriously, he is the epitome of the character actor.

Mark Duplass: How can you not love him?? He’s making his mark on TV (The League, The Mindy Project) and in film (Safety Not Guaranteed, Your Sister’s Sister).

James Gandolfini: Tony Soprano himself!

Stephen Dillane: You may also know him from everything in the world but these days I tend to shout out (mentally) “Stannis!” whenever I see him. So, Game of Thrones but also Hunted, John Adams, etc.

John Barrowman: a.k.a. Captain Jack Harkness from Doctor Who and Torchwood, as well as his recent gig on CW’s Arrow. Singer, actor, host and all-around constant personality…in Zero Dark Thirty. Randomly great.

Joel Edgerton: Discussion of all other roles must be preempted because I just discovered (remembered/had a flashback to) the fact he is “young” Uncle Owen in the Star Wars prequels. I instantly seized upon a mental image of the trading card I have (yes, I collected Star Wars cards but I was waaay more into my Lord of the Rings collection…) and knew this to be true. And then my mind exploded. I guess I should quit wondering where this Joel Edgerton guy came from if he has actually been on the fringes all these years.

Chris Pratt: Parks and Recreation! But before Parks and Rec, my thought would have been Everwood! Wow, that really takes me back…

Taylor Kinney: This guy pops up on The Vampire Diaries, then starts dating Lady GaGa, and now has a starring role in Chicago Fire. So I imagine he made some kind of deal with the devil.

Christopher Stanley: Honorable mention since whenever I see him I can only think of Mad Men; “Henry Francis.”

Mark Valley: Human Target, Fringe, Boston Legal, and Body of Proof apparently, etc. All I can think about for some reason when I see him is that he was married to Anna Torv. But not any longer…


Vampires in Wartime: It’s a bloody free for all!

The good news, Henry, is that I didn't let you die...

Television shows with entrenched vampire themes and characters seem to be carving out another element to the vampire myth: their relationship to wartime. The spoils of war attract vampires (and by spoils I mean ample amounts of fresh blood) and in turn, the vampires find the situation to be the perfect opportunity to become a maker. These shows probably use wartime because it is a distinct moment in history to solidify in the use of a flashback. When it came to selecting a human to turn in the past, it was strictly “fancy someone, make them a vampire” but as our vampires get more complex in their emotions, so do their reasons for becoming a “maker.” In other words, I am simplifying a number of intricate character motivations and storylines as well as glossing over differences in accepted vampire conventions to compare these shows. However, in the end the turning of a person in wartime usually still boils down to “I fancy you” but the setting allows the vamp to visually see the prowess and strength of their victims before they are turned.

...the bad news is...it's time to try out your chompers!

My realization of this trope came after last night’s Being Human (U.S.), where we flashback to the point in which Aidan turned Henry. We already know as an audience that Aidan was turned during the American Revolution. In “When I Think About You I Shred Myself,” we see Aidan wounded in another war, World War I, where he encounters Henry, an unproven, cowardly war doctor. A French soldier (rightly) accuses Aidan of being a vampire but accidentally, mortally wounds Henry as he attempts to stake Aidan. For one reason or another, Aidan decides to turn the doctor that helped him out (especially when the poor guy pleads with him to not let him die), while savaging the rest of the men. Furthermore, Aidan has mentioned his involvement in the Civil War, where he went to feast, especially during the Battle of Antietam. In this way, the show has repeatedly shown Aidan in wartime, both at his rebirth as a vampire and subsequently. Similarly, in Being Human’s original U.K incarnation, the vampire Mitchell was turned as a soldier in World War I.

Before Bill took the shortcut home from war...

This saga reminds me of the origin stories of both Bill and Eric as they are represented in their television forms on True Blood. Bill (born 1840) was turned by Lorena in 1865 as he attempted to make his way home after the Civil War. Lorena had been using her remote house to lure in lost or tired soldiers for a quick meal. However, her desire for Bill (and his denial of her advances) encouraged her to actually turn him, rather than just feed on him. In Bill’s case, it was confusion after the conclusion of war that Lorena preyed on. In Eric’s case, Godric witnesses his strength on the battlefield during his human life as a Viking. Impressed, Godric massacres Eric’s men but offers a wounded Eric “life” by becoming a vampire.

Godric pays a visit to Eric

Not to be ignored, The Vampire Diaries also uses the Civil War setting for the human deaths of the Salvatore brothers. In 1864, both of them were turned after their father “killed”t them because Damon and Stefan had Katherine’s blood in their systems. On a purely interesting note: both Bill Compton and Damon Salvatore were born in 1840; Bill was turned one year later Damon but it is funny to note how extremely obvious it is that Stephen Moyer is not just one year older than Ian Somerhalder in appearance. This case differs in that they did not meet Katherine on the battlefield. However, Damon can perhaps thank the war nonetheless for his undead status: he defected from the Confederate Army to return home right before all hell broke loose.

Ode to Anders

Celebrating nearly ten years with the actor most likely to play a sympathetic villain, who may or may not be using a British accent.

As Dr. Whale on Once Upon a Time

It did not take long for David to reveal his true colors Monday night, first as a lousy date, and then as an informant to the mayor.

"Uncle" John on The Vampire Diaries

When David Anders joined The Vampire Diaries in its first season, it definitely upped my respect for the show; it gets casting right. Also, poignant character growth FTW.

As Jonah Raitt on Warehouse 13

Does David Anders only act in shows I watch, or do I only watch shows with David Anders? At first it seemed he was playing the bad guy yet again…but surprise…Jonah was GOOD, just oblivious.

Adam Monroe on Heroes

His addition to the show helped me get through it after the first season, but Kristen Bell’s death cued my final departure from the show.

Sark on Alias

What an awesome character on an awesome show…and my introduction to David Anders. He was the highlight of any episode he was a part of. Also, loved whenever he teamed up with Sydney.

Bad Moon Rising

I actually associate this screenshot with the song playing in the background. Whenever I do an Alias rewatch, I anxiously await this scene in particular.

Also, so happy this website exists.