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We Need to Talk About The Oscars

And the Oscars felt no need to talk about Kevin, highlighting only one problem among a multitude of issues. The ceremony provided little respite from the doom and gloom I have felt since the nominations were announced. The Academy Awards do tend to give out at least one surprise, or upset, if you have been following awards season closely. But  the “surprise” upset came in the Best Actress category. Where one would have expected Viola Davis or even Michelle Williams. Instead Oscar gives it to the one person you would expect them to favor: Meryl Streep.

I started watching red carpet coverage around 5:30 and watched the awards to their conclusion around 11:40. And although I attempted to live blog it, I mainly followed Twitter reactions; below represents the few moments before and during the ceremony that highlight the lens I watched the ceremony through—to avoid a massive pit of utter disappointment.

6:23 The red carpet provided its first truly interesting moment: Jessica Chastain’s delight at meeting Ryan Seacrest. You could see in her face how initially absurd the moment seemed as perhaps the idea of where she actually was started to sink in. (Although how did she miss him at the SAGs?) I definitely love her. Side note: for the second year in a row, the tie breaker question for Entertainment Weekly’s Oscar pool asked you to guess the color of Michell Williams’ dress. Last year I guessed correctly with white. This year I guessed the same but she showed up in coral. So curious to know if anyone got that.

7:15 Perhaps the most memorable moment of the night came before the telecast: Sacha Baron Cohen dumping Kim Jong Il’s “ashes” all over Ryan’s suit. While people are generally describing Ryan’s reaction as “peeved,” I thought he took the entire thing in stride (well as in stride as possible) and I can certainly imagine some people who would have had a major meltdown if the same occurred to them. But as harmless as it was, I do think it was two things 1) Cruel and unnecessary: Ryan was a good enough sport to interview him in character, the dumping (especially during such a formal event) was distasteful, even for him and 2) a cop-out: Ryan was an easy target: very visible yet removed from the main ceremony. He got the attention he wanted, but he went for the easiest and safest target in the area.

8:51  21 minutes into the broadcast I spot Bret McKenzie in the audience. Would have been nice to see him interviewed but then how could the world go without a Nick Nolte interview where he mumbles along confusedly until he realizes the hard hitting question was about his pet crow. Sigh. ABC makes E! look good, and this is the world we live in.

9:09 Christian Bale comes out to deliver Best Supporting Actress and his accent sounds incredibly thicker than usual. Is he going method as usual? I also remembered The Fighter…and how much better the nominees were last year. Couldn’t wait for all of last year’s winners to come out and taunt me.

9:40 Billy Crystal’s jokes start leaving a bad taste in my mouth. I semi-tolerated the one about driving outside of Beverly Hills in order to find a black woman but ageist attacks on Christopher Plummer and Max von Sydow? Celebrated actors? Especially with Plummer as the favorite? It definitely came across as disrespectful to me; hopefully as a newly minted Oscar winner (and yes, the oldest ever for actor) these shenanigans did not ruin his win.

9:41 Robert Downey Jr. comes out to present for documentary films with Gwyneth Paltrow. While this shtick wasn’t the best I have seen from RDJ he constantly proves to be an MVP of awards shows: well spoken, good with timing, and generally entertaining. He may be too “movie star” for a hosting gig but we can add him to the list anyway.

10:01 Melissa Leo arrives on the scene to hand out the Best Supporting Actor award to Christopher Plummer. Per usual, Christopher makes special mention of Ewan McGregor, that “superb artist” and even mentions he would share it with him if he had any decency (he doesn’t but that is understandable).

10:18 Bret McKenzie wins for Best Original Song and I rejoice. He didn’t really have stiff competition but the way this telecast was going, it felt like everything was going to lead to disappointment. Hopefully we will only hear more and more from Bret, either through songwriting or acting (preferably before The Hobbit in, gulp, December). Various tweets reported that Jason Segel was crying and/or looked awkward for not being thanked (I say it’s the camera’s fault for lingering on his face as the only other recognizable presence from The Muppets).

10:30 One of the toughest categories (for me) Best Original Screenplay is given out. I had my money on Midnight in Paris (it won) but was secretly hoping for a surprise win for either Bridesmaids or Margin Call. At least I was rewarded with my first glimpse of Zachary Quinto (I guess he was also too unimportant for an interview on the red carpet? And for that matter, I really wish JC Chandor went more recognized for Margin Call).

10:41 Someone shouts Scorsese while the Bridesmaids cast is on stage (they should have hosted jointly! Oscars solved) and surprise airplane bottles of booze appear like magic. Excellent callback.

10:52 Michael Sheen appears on screen during one of the categories where Midnight in Paris is nominated and attracts my attention for a few seconds. Meanwhile I am anxious about how long this will run into the 11 o’clock hour, since I really want to catch some of The Walking Dead. Because obviously I have to watch The Talking Dead or risk missing out on my Chris Hardwick fix for the week. (Don’t worry, I pieced together most of the episode before The Talking Dead came on. Also Michael Zegen from Rescue Me and now The Walking Dead as the new guy was on the show…anyone? So glad I got to watch it live.)

11:12 Patton Oswalt appears in one of the hundred million montages. If he appeared before that clip I totally missed him but he was a refreshing face nonetheless, and a sad reminder that no one even mentioned Young Adult.

11:16 Natalie Portman awkwardly introduces nominees for Best Actor and Gary Oldman’s clip is perhaps my favorite scene from Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. It also includes Benedict Cumberbatch prominently: the little things are keeping me going during this Oscars.

I didn't actually hunt for a screencap from that scene but I did enjoy finding this picture.

11:27 Colin Firth (ah, once again I am reminded how much I enjoyed last year’s winners) appears and, while all of his speeches are exquisite, you can tell his clear favorites: he waxes poetic with Meryl Streep about Mamma Mia and I love him for it. And he reminisces about working with Michelle Williams when she was 11.

11:34 I finally decide to notice that Tom Hiddleston was in TWO of the films nominated for Best Picture (Midnight in Paris and War Horse). And Benedict Cumberbatch was featured again in the War Horse clip! “Be Brave!!” Once again, the periphery presence of the likes of BC, Tom Hiddleston and Ewan McGregor help me pretend I am watching an awards show in an alternate universe where all the people I obsess over are being recognized.

I was excited to image search these two until I realized they appear in War Horse together. Yes, my brain refuses to recognize that fact . Still too mind blowing.

11:36 The Artist wins. THE DOG?! (Yes, I know his name is Uggie) joins the producer on stage. I give up on the world. Thus endeth the 84th Academy Awards but not necessarily my Oscar streak: just because I didn’t see Best Picture doesn’t mean I didn’t predict it (like everyone else, seriously it wasn’t a shocker….unfortunately) and I learned that Hollywood loves Hollywood more than race relations. Although there will never be an acceptable explanation for how Crash won.


Sneak Peak Sunday Round Up

It’s Oscar Sunday but competing for my attention are the leaked images from the Star Trek set and a new (and surprisingly long) trailer for Game of Thrones season 2.

I am the first to admit my geekdom does not stray very far into Trekkie territory. Sure, I saw a lot of Jean-Luc Picard movies in my youth with my dad. But most of my knowledge comes from J.J. Abrams’ rebootlandia of 2009’s Star Trek. I would rather live in that timeline anyway (sorry…). All this to say, when I look at these leaked images I am not analyzing the fact Benedict Cumberbath is wearing a black Star Fleet uniform (which apparently indicates he could be from Section 31, an intelligence organization, or a cadet, or just rocking an off-duty under shirt according to some commenters) or the fact that Zachary Quinto’s Spock is performing the Famous Spock Nerve Pinch (thanks again comment section). No, I am just excited that BC is not decked out in some crazy prosthetic makeup and that these images do not disappoint. Yowza, BC was not kidding about hitting the gym. The only disappointment? That this film is coming out in May 2013.

Must be easy to be a stunt double that just stands and watches on the Space Barge

Is it wrong to root for BC?

Check out these and some more images (including Uhura) here.

Also in my emailbox today? A newsletter from HBO GO, alerting me to the new almost two minute preview of Game of Thrones!

“Sometimes those with the most power have the least grace” — Petyr Baelish.

Stannis/Renly faceoff on the battlefield! (+ Melisandre). Robb getting involved in drama that (from what I recall) we don’t discover until the third book. But judging from these scenes they are incorporating a lot more than just book two plots (my mind is mushy trying to keep straight what happened when). Best ever? Seeing Gendry in battle around the 1:38 mark.

He may have ascended on The Fades but surprise! Joe Dempsie is totally pulling off one of my fave characters: Gendry


Spirit Awards Redux

The Spirit awards were handed out with relatively little surprises. Tonight’s Oscars may be the first time that the Spirit Award Best Picture and Academy Awards Best Picture are the same since Platoon in 1986. Which is more depressing than exciting: you would think the Spirit Awards would make a point to honor a film that would otherwise go unrecognized at the big show (Take Shelter, anyone?).

I can say that I had little expectation with Seth Rogen as a host. But honestly, I think he rocked it. First he gets played on stage by The Black Keys’ “Gold on the Ceiling” (not literally, just a recording…sigh). The Spirit Awards tent on the Santa Monica beach was Seth’s first victim. Only weakness? Why did Seth feel the need to constantly explain away his jokes? I loved his attack on the stage setup, mainly because I was thinking the same thing minutes before.

Here is the link to the full monologue:


Other Highlights:

  • Seth’s attack on Brett Ratner as a “horrible bigot” that led into a joke about Chris Brown being allowed to perform twice at the Grammys after “beating the shit out of a nominee.” So, so true.
  • A nice crack at Drive for having no dialogue but still being entertaining. Which is also what I loved about it. Wait, there is another literally silent film out there? Hmmm, ohhh. Insert some sort of ironic emoticon.
  • Michael Shannon being called out on his creepiness is never not funny. Like in this hilarious clip. Also, where can Van Alden’s story really go on Boardwalk Empire at this point? This man needs to do comedy.
  • The Spirit Awards also showing camera love to Zachary Quinto (and his date J Groff) were much appreciated.

I love you, Margin Call peeps