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Revenge COULD be a little sweeter, Emily

Emily PLEASE melt your cold, cold heart towards your only friend!

Every episode of Revenge leaves me hungry for more Emily and Nolan interaction. He does so much for her and still she acts terrible towards him. She’s rude, they fight, they make up, she calls him her friend, they fight again but god forbid he touches her. Ugh! This is exactly how I used to feel about the Walt/Jesse relationship on Breaking Bad (I have absolutely given up on that one…Jesse needs to be far, far away from Walt).

P.S. I don’t want to misrepresent the situation: Nolan tries to put his arm around her and she immediately shuts him down.


Attn: Emily Thorne and Nolan Ross

Nolan with "The Talented Mr. Hamptons" himself





Can we please effectively REVENGE these troublemakers out of the Hamptons before they ruin everything?!

Emily and Fauxmanda

Kyle Valenti is back?!

With a full season pick up and a friend eager for me to watch, Revenge is slowly moving up my watch list. But the world neglected to tell me that Nick Wechsler has a starring role! Hello, Revenge.