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Christmas Special Redux

Damn, those did not disappoint.

I felt physically ill during most of Downton Abbey (it stresses me so) but the payoff was so, so sweet. The scene right before the end was a bit too over the top for me (Lavinia, please go gentle into that good night) but its inclusion closed the book on her and paved the way to glorious happiness.

I want to include every screencap of this moment possible but the above is so perfect. Look how happy Matthew is (finally, away with dreary doom and gloom Matthew!). But the Daily Mail has some other great pictures from the special here. Matthew proposing (properly on one knee)! And Matthew punching Sir Richard! And other things happened.

Side note: More Britons watched Downton Abbey and Doctor Who than the Queen’s speech yesterday. Down with the last vestiges of monarchy via televised drama?

On to Doctor Who: very funny, many memorable quotables. The Doctor makes me laugh out loud more than many sitcoms I watch; I think it is largely due to how Matt Smith delivers his lines. Of course, Steven Moffat warned us we would cry (thus making me more prone not to get sentimental) but he was half-right. I got very teary at the end because Moffat tricked me. I thought he wanted me to get sentimental for the wife saving the husband, when it wasn’t very shocking to me. NO. He had to throw in my kryptonite: the Doctor’s feelings. I immediately got emotional at the idea he was actually going to visit the Ponds. That was already enough. THEN he had to get all humany-wumany with the happy tears. That was such a great payoff too. Especially from earlier in the episode where the Doctor claimed he was not capable of such things (I retorted, oh yes you are Doctor). And boom! Told ya.

I am a huge fan of the one single tear out of one eye as well. If I had more examples of this, I would totally make a Tumblr or something. Alas, my other perfect example is Andrew McCarthy. I feel he has used this in multiple flicks but never as prominently as in Pretty in Pink:

And finally, thinking back to the popularity of the Christmas special in Britain as opposed to the complete lack of programming in the US, I realized it isn’t just that…we don’t or no longer have a tradition of the Christmas special at all. We have the Christmas “episode” which just happens when a 22 episode season coincides with the holidays. We also have Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, and St. Patrick’s Day (among others) to celebrate season to season.

Warehouse 13, Eureka, and Haven

I have to give props for SyFy’s attempt to re-energize the idea. And even with their specials, there are differences. SyFy’s Christmas episodes aired December 6th, when the Christmas season was at its start. And, these episodes are stand alone. No plot was furthered on Eureka, Warehouse 13, or Haven. So it is sort of disjointed to see characters happy and relatively unscathed from the explosive events of their respective finales. I don’t know about Eureka but Warehouse 13 and Haven ended on significant cliffhangers. In comparison, the British specials moved A LOT of plot, especially in respect to Downton Abbey. But even Doctor Who set the Doctor back up with Amy and Rory before the episode was out.

In conclusion, even though some American shows are moving back toward special holiday hours, they are still afraid of viewers missing out. Strange, but typical.


Ode to Anders

Celebrating nearly ten years with the actor most likely to play a sympathetic villain, who may or may not be using a British accent.

As Dr. Whale on Once Upon a Time

It did not take long for David to reveal his true colors Monday night, first as a lousy date, and then as an informant to the mayor.

"Uncle" John on The Vampire Diaries

When David Anders joined The Vampire Diaries in its first season, it definitely upped my respect for the show; it gets casting right. Also, poignant character growth FTW.

As Jonah Raitt on Warehouse 13

Does David Anders only act in shows I watch, or do I only watch shows with David Anders? At first it seemed he was playing the bad guy yet again…but surprise…Jonah was GOOD, just oblivious.

Adam Monroe on Heroes

His addition to the show helped me get through it after the first season, but Kristen Bell’s death cued my final departure from the show.

Sark on Alias

What an awesome character on an awesome show…and my introduction to David Anders. He was the highlight of any episode he was a part of. Also, loved whenever he teamed up with Sydney.

Bad Moon Rising

I actually associate this screenshot with the song playing in the background. Whenever I do an Alias rewatch, I anxiously await this scene in particular.

Also, so happy this website exists.

The Shades in “Shadows”

Warehouse 13

Thinking of Alessandra Torresani’s recent role in Warehouse 13, I remembered my obsession with Claudia’s sunglasses in the episode “Shadows.” I need these yesterday.


Hey hey hey

My history with Warehouse 13 thus far has been short and sweet. I finally got around to watching the pilot on my Netflix queue about 3 weeks ago. It was an almost instant obsession. I finished out Season 3 on Sunday and am now anxiously awaiting the Christmas special (even though it is a stand alone ep).

It doesn’t help that I am in love with Allison Scagliotti’s hair in the series, which I admit is the actual impetus for my interest in watching the show and the reason I caught it a few times on SyFy. (“Damn, I love that girl’s hair on this show, I should watch for a few minutes…”).Due to withdrawal from the show, or the awesomeness of the song, Track and Field’s version of “Running Up That Hill” has been lurking in the back of my head on a non-stop loop.

Claudia and Jinksy