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February Sweeps are now over, so Tuesday nights are lookin’ a little different. Wanna create your own awesome comedy block tonight? Because unlike how networks still operate, people don’t tune into shows solely based on their lead-in. Anyways, here ya go:

8:00 on FOX: Raising Hope

8:30 on ABC: Cougar Town

9:00 on FOX: New Girl

Cougar Town promises to be really fantastic tonight! Especially if you were a Scrubs fan. Or a Bill Lawrence fan. Or even just a Sarah Chalke fan. Or just watch it to support my fellow William and Mary alum, Bill. SO. MANY. REASONS.


Time to Pound Grapes with the Cul de Sac Crew!

Cougar Town is not what you think it is about (Courteney Cox screwing younger guys). If you don’t watch, give it a chance. If you watched when it premiered, try again: it is not the same show anymore. It is a show about adult friendships, playing games, and drinking wine. And it is wonderful. I randomly decided to watch it on Hulu at the beginning of its second season and loved what I saw.But I cannot replicate the perfect description given by Mo Ryan in her review on the Huffington Post earlier today:

[CT is] about how friends accept and love each other, despite their flaws…

One of the most enjoyable things about the wonderfully funny and charming new season is how much it unashamedly highlights romance. “Cougar Town” isn’t doing that because it’s returning on Valentine’s Day (these episodes were shot months ago, when the return date wasn’t known), but because that’s really what the Cul De Sac chronicles are about — not just falling in love, but the way people quietly choose to keep loving those they’re closest to.

This show is about deciding to stay true to friends or lovers, even when they flake out or annoy you; it’s about finding strategies to deal with imperfections and problems. Every episode explores one of Jules’ flaws or one of the ways in which her friends can be misguided, but there’s nothing cruel about the excavation of the characters’ mistakes. This is a show about tolerance and forgiveness; it’s not a dissection of failure and regret.

In its return, “Cougar Town” amusingly makes the point that knowing someone that well is a gift not to be taken lightly. As a whole, this series gently asserts that the most valuable luxury in the world is unlimited time in which to get to know friends and loved ones even better.

Couldn’t have made it better myself: 26 Reasons to Love Cougar Town

This IS the Darkest Timeline

I have had the entire weekend to process this and I gotta say, ABC’s decision about Cougar Town is still a slap in the face to fans. If critics are panning Work It! before it even airs, and it takes precedence over a show that counts a decent amount of fans, including critics, I am becoming increasingly disillusioned with network television. I can even understand pushing it, more so than Community because at least Community has already aired a decent amount of episodes so far this season. But to cut the episode order to 15 when, with 10 episodes already filmed, the writers clearly had a plan for an order of 22 episodes, is the epitome of cruel not only to fans but also to the writers, crew, and my dear Bill Lawrence. Woe is 2012 for decent comedy on network television.

Whitney is on the NBC mid-season schedule and Community isn't. Welcome to the dark timeline from Remedial Chaos Theory.