Summer Promo Tour and Twilight is Popular, aka The MTV Movie Awards

Clocking in at a very neat two hours, the MTV Movie Awards are an easy watch (especially with the amount of re-broadcasts) but they never cease to be frustrating and largely inconsequential.

General Observations

  • I love how some “award shows” don’t even try to hide the fact that the winners know ahead of time that they’ve won, on the off chance that they decide to show up. Because, if you aren’t promoting anything, I can imagine how easy it is to pass up attending. For instance, I immediately spotted Jennifer Aniston. I thought, “Jen, why?!?” until I saw her nomination for Best Scumbag in the first category. She obviously won and vacated her seat next to Elizabeth Banks for the rest of the night. At least your award was first Jen! Also, the inexplicable presence of Alexander Ludwig was explained by his nomination in the Best Fight category, along with Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson.

  • And unlike the Emmys or Oscars (where it is an honor to be asked to present or you present because you are a past winner) MTV sucks you in by offering you a platform to promote your upcoming summer movie, not only at the podium but also via trailers during commercial breaks. I guess the full stage decorations for The Amazing Spider-Man, Prometheus and The Dark Knight Rises indicate that MTV is fully embracing how it whores itself out.
  • Jennifer Lawrence should win all of the awards for being in PRAGUE shooting a movie instead of at the awards. She is a classy girl and must feel some modicum of responsibility to the audience of these awards, so she taped a special acceptance speech, but she definitely wins for having a great excuse.
  • I have developed an (inaccurate) theory that Kristen Stewart continues to win awards just so the world can test her awkwardness levels. When she presented with Chris Hemsworth, I was practically covering my eyes at her behavior; her acceptance for Best Kiss was only a significant improvement. I got the impression she practiced that Best Kiss acceptance alone in front of a mirror…a lot.
  • Never thought I would live in a world where I kind of love Chris Hemsworth and Channing Tatum but here we are.

  • Russell Brand = completely meh. Not funny and mostly just annoying. Not exactly sure why this happened because Aziz was amazing last year. Too amazing I guess for these awards to get him again; back to the mediocre drawing board. I did love the camera shot of Elizabeth Banks and Jennifer Aniston as his Katy Perry joke bombed, illustrating the disgust I felt. Also, I guess no one told him the Michael Fassbender cock jokes are beyond old at this point? I suppose Russell gets a special pass though, since him and Michael go way back. I did enjoy that he was singled out as Russell’s potential new wife, if only because this seemed to be a truly playful moment and probably the only moment I enjoyed out of the monologue.

Surprising Pros

  • The live performance selection: whether it is the movie or music awards, MTV tends to go for shock and awe over choices that make sense but this year they showcased the here and now, with relatively little gimmick. Fun. started off the show and since I love these guys and the look on Nate Ruess’ face whenever he looks around him and takes it all in, I was happy to see them front and center. If you would have told me Nate Ruess would be a main act at the MTV Movie Awards six years ago…yada yada you know what I mean. Then the show called on Wiz Khalifa to generate a moving concert collage on the theme of party movies we got this year; another up-and-comer to the “popular” music scene getting a chance at a wider audience. And finally, the show again catered to my library by inviting The Black Keys to perform (yes, with Johnny Depp). It really has been an amazing two years for The Black Keys, who skyrocketed from alternative favorites to a mainstream act, selling out major venues.

  • Joel McHale was funnier in three minutes than anything else in the entire show, making me simultaneously think: Joel McHale would be a great host for this/I don’t want Joel McHale to stoop to this level. And the mere fact that J.J. Abrams was involved in this piqued my curiosity: I may be the only person that remembers The Lonely Island’s “Cool Guys Don’t Look at Explosions” from the 2009 awards because I may or may not have spent my entire time in PRAGUE (post continuity!) humming it, but J.J. was a participant in that as well. Where’s the link, J.J.? WHERE’S THE LINK? 47?

  • Emma Stone in general; I think she is great so focusing a lot on her by giving her the Trailblazer award was a good idea on someone’s part. She is game for comedy (her string of foul words that I think included the phrase beast mode) and brings a sincerity that most of these people lost a long time ago (“I’m a crier”). That so many people took part in a bit for her benefit (Steve Carell, Jason Sudeikis, Anna Faris, Mila Kunis, Octavia Spencer) must have been as touching as it was cute. She even concluded her acceptance speech by quoting Chris Farley from SNL! Yeah, she’s awesome.

  • The primary reason to tune in (the new footage from The Dark Knight Rises) of course came at the very end, presented by Gary Oldman, Christian Bale, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I am always struck by how natural JGL is at these types of functions — actually in every hat he tries on. Mayhaps he should get a hosting gig? The clip started off with scenes from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight and I was overcome by seeing Heath Ledger. It is definitely a hard memory for me, even as a mere fan, and I haven’t actually watched the film since I saw it in theaters. But I was really moved afterwards because Christian Bale got choked up by the images as well, giving an apt testament to Heath as an actor and as a friend.

  • Well, then they just decided to bring Christopher Nolan out on stage and I fangirled for about five minutes straight. If I had my blinders fully on I would conclude this show a success: Nolan! J.J. Abrams!

  • The brief clip from The Dark Knight Rises alerted me to the presence of Burn Gorman in the film and I quickly IMDb’d it to make sure my eyes weren’t playing tricks. Good thing I did because now I know the film includes AIDAN GILLEN! And Josh Stewart! Things are looking up and up.
  • At some point the “DJ” played Nightcall from the Drive soundtrack, as if the majority of MTV’s audience considered Drive’s nominations as actually having a chance (ha!). But it is actually quite hilarious that for most of the categories Drive was one of the few movies actually worthy of the nomination. But still, great song.

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