Nick Miller, Nick Miller: illest of the ill

Ignoring the fact that this episode (“Injury”) aired out of order (pre-Julia, pre-Schmidt and CeCe hook-up, hell even pre-our abrupt introduction to Jess’ friend Sadie), everything came together perfectly as the group dealt with Nick’s potential health crisis. Naturally it coalesced at the bar, after many drinks, when singing became the best way to celebrate the (lack of?) life of Nick Miller. Best thing ever: their drunken song, which begins with Schmidt rapping:

Nick Miller, Nick Miller
From the streets of Chicago
‘Cause players play
Like they do, like they did
‘Cause the baller’s ball
In the hood
‘Cause he’s Chi-town, hustle
As the people of Chicago
Represent him
‘Cause the players don’t play
And the player’s in the city

And continues…

Nick: Nick Miller, Nick Miller / He’s a stone-cold killer / Likes the taste of vanilla
CeCe: Nick Miller, Nick Miller / He’s the illest of the ill / He pours 100 drinks / And none have ever spilled
Winston: Plus he’s super-high / On a bunch of pain pills
Schmidt: His favorite movie is The Big Chill
CeCe: He’s got a hairy chest / ‘Cause he eats a balanced meal
Schmidt: Kick the mad flavor in his ear! ‘Cause the ice in my glass represents the tears from my eyes. I love you, dawg! Nick Miller, Nick Miller / Yo, streets of Chicago / Rough and tumble love / You my heart!

Jess sort of kills the mood with: Nick Miller, Nick Miller, never does anything

Gotta say though, for once my favorite line of the night came from Nick and not Schmidt. Shocker, I know.

Nick: I have done things…I wrote half a book about zombies.



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