Spirit Awards Redux

The Spirit awards were handed out with relatively little surprises. Tonight’s Oscars may be the first time that the Spirit Award Best Picture and Academy Awards Best Picture are the same since Platoon in 1986. Which is more depressing than exciting: you would think the Spirit Awards would make a point to honor a film that would otherwise go unrecognized at the big show (Take Shelter, anyone?).

I can say that I had little expectation with Seth Rogen as a host. But honestly, I think he rocked it. First he gets played on stage by The Black Keys’ “Gold on the Ceiling” (not literally, just a recording…sigh). The Spirit Awards tent on the Santa Monica beach was Seth’s first victim. Only weakness? Why did Seth feel the need to constantly explain away his jokes? I loved his attack on the stage setup, mainly because I was thinking the same thing minutes before.

Here is the link to the full monologue:


Other Highlights:

  • Seth’s attack on Brett Ratner as a “horrible bigot” that led into a joke about Chris Brown being allowed to perform twice at the Grammys after “beating the shit out of a nominee.” So, so true.
  • A nice crack at Drive for having no dialogue but still being entertaining. Which is also what I loved about it. Wait, there is another literally silent film out there? Hmmm, ohhh. Insert some sort of ironic emoticon.
  • Michael Shannon being called out on his creepiness is never not funny. Like in this hilarious clip. Also, where can Van Alden’s story really go on Boardwalk Empire at this point? This man needs to do comedy.
  • The Spirit Awards also showing camera love to Zachary Quinto (and his date J Groff) were much appreciated.

I love you, Margin Call peeps


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