About Schmidt

It is no secret that my love for New Girl roughly translates to my love of Max Greenfield’s portrayal of Schmidt. He regularly delivers an episode’s best lines. Last night’s “The Story of the 50” was Schmidt-centric, which means, I enjoyed it a lot. We were treated to a ton of great new insights about past and present Schmidt (and future Schmidt if he calls that number to pursue the game of male stripping while bringing in an annual $7K).

  • Schmidt’s ‘it’ factor started to quickly fade when Frankie Muniz stole his party bus reservation
  • He and Benjamin, a suitemate from college,  have a weird, girl-style friendship where they kind of hate each other. His bronemy/fremesis.
  • Nick and Winston attempt to explain to Jess just how deep the douche lies with Schmidt:

Nick: Jess, Schmidt’s world is different than ours. They speak a different language. They shorten every word to one syllable. Okay? He once called an oven an “ovs.” He calls an airport “airp.”
Winston: They call ketchup “ketch.”
Nick: Last month he went to a party called “Bros Before Hos… on the Moon.” What does that even mean? And the dress code was Yacht Flair!
Winston: He has a friend who legally changed his middle name to “Doin’it.” Just one word — Doinit.
Nick: You are not emotionally, mentally, and spiritually prepared to throw these d-bags a party.

  • Schmidt has a good pea coat, a shark skin laptop sleeve, croquet cleats, at least two “timepieces,” and driving moccasins. Courtesy of Benjamin he also has a song to the tune of Jefferson Starship: “We built this Schmidt-y, we buit this Schmidt-y on tootsie rolls!”



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Grad student at the School of Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University. This blog is an attempt to condense the craziness that is my TV viewing habits (with the occasional aside into film, music, and general life).

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