This IS the Darkest Timeline

I have had the entire weekend to process this and I gotta say, ABC’s decision about Cougar Town is still a slap in the face to fans. If critics are panning Work It! before it even airs, and it takes precedence over a show that counts a decent amount of fans, including critics, I am becoming increasingly disillusioned with network television. I can even understand pushing it, more so than Community because at least Community has already aired a decent amount of episodes so far this season. But to cut the episode order to 15 when, with 10 episodes already filmed, the writers clearly had a plan for an order of 22 episodes, is the epitome of cruel not only to fans but also to the writers, crew, and my dear Bill Lawrence. Woe is 2012 for decent comedy on network television.

Whitney is on the NBC mid-season schedule and Community isn't. Welcome to the dark timeline from Remedial Chaos Theory.


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Grad student at the School of Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University. This blog is an attempt to condense the craziness that is my TV viewing habits (with the occasional aside into film, music, and general life).

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