Oliver and Arthur

Oliver: Go and have your own experiences with your own people. I’ll be right here. I’m a human, I’m not a dog. And you’re a Jack Russell and that’s a breed. Your personality was created by this guy John Russell who was a hunting enthusiast in the 1800s. He bred your ancestors for their stamina and their courage for the hunt. You think you’re you and you wanna chase the foxes…but other people planted that in you years ago. And now somewhat arbitrarily you are considered very cute by us humans. And we keep breeding you not to chase foxes but to be cute and we put you television shows and movies…and you’re chasing tennis balls because they’re as close to a fox as you’re gonna get.



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About Staciellyn Chapman

Grad student at the School of Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University. This blog is an attempt to condense the craziness that is my TV viewing habits (with the occasional aside into film, music, and general life).

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