When Countries Collide: Denmark vs. Peru

The Treaty

That. Was. It. Two of my favorite things, Parks and Recreation and International Relations, thrown together for 25 minutes of hilarity. Since I participated in a number of simulations this summer, it also reminded of how personalities usually trump the real world in these situations. Dominant personalities with an agenda will rise to the occasion (like Peru or Denmark) where in the real UN this would obviously not happen, even in a less extreme form. We got a real dose of what is in the spectrum of reality (Russia and China coming up with their own treaty), impressing me even further with the depiction on the show. Regardless of the silliness of Denmark declaring war on Peru, “BREAKING NEWS” type situations that derail all of the progress you have made so far on a treaty typically do occur in simulations. There was so much to love about this episode.

The first thing you should learn: if you are France, you say no to everything.

Oh you know, I didn't really do Model United Nations in high school, so...OH WAIT. I SUPER did.

No resisting this: Mic Drop.

That’s the one place Ben Wyatt can have legit street cred.



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