BSGers Are Back!

It was a big week for Battlestar Galactica fans. On Monday, Jamie Bamber was back stateside on House as the patient-of-the-week  (next he will be on Body of Proof). I have been catching a number of his Law and Order: UK episodes on BBC America so it was weird/nice to see him slip on the American accent once more. There is actually a disconnect in my brain: native accent = Jamie Bamber and American accent = Lee Adama. Everyone’s favorite CAG was a womanizing cheat in “The Confession”:

Jamie Bamber on House...before his skin started shedding off his body...

I love Apollo, I do, but let’s just say I was always more of a fan of a good game of Pyramid…especially the Caprica Buccaneers. My love for Michael Trucco runs pretty deep…I watched (suffered through) SyFy’s Saturday night movie Meteor Storm just to get my fix of Sam Anders. And probably due to his regular role on USA’s Fairly Legal, he happened to show up on this week’s Psych:

Michael Trucco on Psych "Deadman's Curveball"


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