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My history with Warehouse 13 thus far has been short and sweet. I finally got around to watching the pilot on my Netflix queue about 3 weeks ago. It was an almost instant obsession. I finished out Season 3 on Sunday and am now anxiously awaiting the Christmas special (even though it is a stand alone ep).

It doesn’t help that I am in love with Allison Scagliotti’s hair in the series, which I admit is the actual impetus for my interest in watching the show and the reason I caught it a few times on SyFy. (“Damn, I love that girl’s hair on this show, I should watch for a few minutes…”).Due to withdrawal from the show, or the awesomeness of the song, Track and Field’s version of “Running Up That Hill” has been lurking in the back of my head on a non-stop loop.

Claudia and Jinksy


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Grad student at the School of Conflict Analysis and Resolution at George Mason University. This blog is an attempt to condense the craziness that is my TV viewing habits (with the occasional aside into film, music, and general life).

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